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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shorten YouTube videos with TubeChop

Have you ever wanted to show just a short portion of a YouTube video? Perhaps you'd like to do an information gap activity in your class where groups of students would watch different portions of a YouTube video and then explain the beginning and ending of the video to each other. Or maybe you just want to be able to quickly bring up the relevant portion of a video, rather than waiting for the entire video to load.

In either case, it can be pretty handy to have only the portion of the video you need.  Enter TubeChop!  Just go to the TubeChop site,
enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to shorten, select the start
and end points and then chop! Voila! You have a shortened YouTube

After chopping your video, you can embed or link to it from your course website or blog. Here's an excerpt of a video Language as a Window Into Human Nature by RSAnimate that I chopped in TubeChop:

For more information about TubeChop, see TubeChop: The Educative Use of YouTube at the Educational Technology blog.

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Howard said...

a. The easiest process I've found for selective editing...thank you. How would you edit 2 minutes to 4 minutes of the video and then and minutes 6 to 8 minutes Can it be done?
b. I usually embed a URL in powerpoint and with shockwave I complete the process. I don't have twitter, facebook etc. Can I embed the edited version into powerpoint or if not where could i place the edited URL for rapid retrieval.
c Can the tubechop edited version be saved on a hard drive or dvd etc?
Sorry to present multiple problems but your tips are very helpful. Thanks

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