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Monday, December 19, 2016

Sign Up for the BOSSA App for Spring 2017

After much piloting, the new easy-to-use BOSSA App is ready for instructors and their students to use in Spring 2017!

We have been working closely with section coordinators and instructors to schedule BOSSA sessions. However, individual instructors from multi-section courses may request BOSSA App delivery format.

The BOSSA App takes care of students’ recording for you. Then, the session continues as usual, with students listening to their recordings, reflecting, and discussing in pairs and in group. You will see how practice and training fit together in the new BOSSA App, preparing students to be ready for the final, all-important piece: the self-assessment questionnaire.

Interested in using this delivery option with an existing BOSSA reservation? Please email bossa@umn.edu.

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