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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Title VI LCTL Grant Application Fall 2011

Limited funds are now available for the purchase of materials to enhance the teaching and learning of Less Commonly Taught Languages (all those taught here at the University with the exception of Spanish, French, and German). The funding source is the Title VI Grant managed by the Global Studies Institute.

CLA language instructors may request funds to purchase materials to support the learning of their language. While the funds may reach to support a number of smaller purchase, the total amount for each language may not exceed $200. Please submit an application for each item you wish to purchase with these funds and provide as much information as possible.

Priority will be given to critical languages, and language programs that were not awarded materials funding Spring 2011.

Successful proposals will be for materials that students can use directly. Instructors may contact their departmental liaison or email elsie@umn.edu for advice.

The deadline for submission is Monday, October 31, and you can apply online.

Last spring, Title VI funding provided a wide range of language-learning materials, including book sets, language-learning software, and DVDs. Movies purchased on DVD include popular Bollywood films, the Russian Winnie the Pooh, two Norwegian horror movies, Portuguese films not yet released in the US, and much, much more. Materials were purchased for Hebrew, Hindi/Urdu, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

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