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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jones 10 Classroom Renovation Complete!

LC Classroom Support Coordinator
The Language Center Technical Team is very happy to announce that the Jones 10 Classroom will be back in service starting Thursday, August 4th! This classroom has been unavailable this summer while undergoing a number of major updates.

The first thing those familiar with the old Jones 10 will notice is that the old booths are gone! They have been replaced with tables arranged in a new open layout. This new layout places four tables in the center of the room with additional tables on the perimeter; accommodates 30 student computers (an upgrade from 24) and still appears spacious.

Jones 10 Classroom
The computers in the room have been replaced with new 20" iMac computers. Networking has been upgraded to provide service to the new computers as well as a new wireless access point which will improve wireless connection for mobile devices.

A new instructor desk has been installed. It has room for a document camera, controls for the data projector, easy connection for a laptop, zone-free DVD player, multi-standard VCR and shelf space where you can find the handy guide to the equipment located in the classroom.

As before, the MacDiLL audio lab software is available which provides an intuitive interface for instructors to pair students in conversation. Audio recordings can be easily saved by the instructor and listened to at any computer via a web interface.

And yes, the intercom is still active, as always, access to technical assistance is only a button push away!

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