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Monday, July 31, 2017

Farewell and Thank You to Ellen Wormwood

The Language Center and the PACE Project would like to thank Ellen Wormwood who is returning to teaching, translating and interpreting after three years as the PACE Assessment Coordinator.

In 2014, Ellen agreed to design and implement a plan to assess between 700 and 900 students per year in seven languages, up to four modalities, and using two assessment instruments. She also accepted the challenging job of explaining the structure and value of these new tests to instructors and students. The first year of testing was sometimes bumpy as we learned more about the tests and how best to administer them. Ellen persevered and stuck with the project through long hours preparing for and administering tests. She worked hard to improve the test experience for students by negotiating with test vendors, improving communication, and constantly refining the testing plan.

PACE Assessment Coordinator was not Ellen's first position at the Language Center; she started as a graduate assistant in 2005. A standout among her roles in our unit was serving as one of the original TandemPlus Coordinators. We are thankful to Ellen for the leadership she brought to new programs and projects.

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Ellen, for all your hard work! You did a great job, and made some wonderful contributions to language instruction and assessment at the U of M! We are grateful!

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