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Monday, June 12, 2017

Start a New Language with Courseshare

Interested in starting a new language Fall 2017? The following entry-level language courses are now open through Courseshare:
  • LANG 2011 Accelerated Catalan I, 2 credits: From the University of Chicago. This course is intended for speakers of other Romance languages, but is open to all students.
  • LANG 1161 Beginning Hungarian I, 4 credits: From Indiana University.
  • LANG 1061 Beginning Persian I, 4 credits: From the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This language is also known as Farsi.
  • LANG 1071 Beginning Polish I, 4 credits. From Ohio State University. This course is taught partially online.
  • LANG 1111 Beginning Turkish I, 4 credits. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • LANG 1121 Beginning Vietnamese I, 4 credits, From Michigan State University. This online course is full, but the waitlist is open.

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