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Monday, August 15, 2016

CLA Courseshare Change, Introducing LANG

The University of Minnesota is an active participant in the Big Ten Academic Alliance (formerly CIC) Courseshare program, which uses technology to send and receive less commonly taught language and culture courses with partner institutions. Sending courses expands the profile of our language and culture programs, and increases and diversifies their audience. Receiving courses provides students with access to courses they need for their academic and career goals, and connects them with students and scholars across the country.

CLA Courseshare is administered by the Language Center, through collaboration with academic departments. To make it more clear to students and the Office of the Registrar which courses are being received from other institutions, effective Fall 2016, courses received will share a common course designator LANG: Language Center, CLA Courseshare.

There are no changes in the management of courses we will send through Courseshare. They will still appear under the designator of the department that offers the course.

The following classes are open for registration Fall 2016, and others are current in process. Please note that seat availability for all of these courses is limited.

  • LANG 3501 Introduction to Korean Civilization
  • LANG 2011 Accelerated Catalan I 
  • LANG 1021 Beginning Czech I 
  • LANG 2021 Intermediate Czech I 
  • LANG 3051 Advanced Indonesian I
  • LANG 5051 Advanced Indonesian III 
  • LANG 1061 Beginning Persian I
  • LANG 2061 Intermediate Persian I 
  • LANG 1071 Beginning Polish I
  • LANG 2071 Intermediate Polish I
  • LANG 1111 Beginning Turkish I
  • LANG 3113 Advanced Turkish and Azeri I
  • LANG 5111 Advanced Turkish and Azeri III
  • LANG 2151 Intermediate Pashto I
  • LANG 1121  Beginning Vietnamese I

If you have questions about one of these courses, or  have a recommendation for a new course to receive or send, please email the Language Center at elsie@umn.edu.

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