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Monday, April 13, 2015

CLA Language Instructors' Communities of Practice

The PACE Professional Development Peer Team is currently discussing the creation of "communities of practice" with foreign language instructors in the College of Liberal Arts. The goal of these communities is to create miniature interest groups in an environment where educators could gather on a regular basis to share insights, reflect on their teaching pedagogy, and to create a support network across departments based on the theme of the community.

Below are a few of the "Communities of Practice" that have been proposed.
  • Integrated Performance Assessments
  • Technology to Support Language Learning
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Pedagogical Innovations Reading Group
  • Shaping Curricula Through the Use of Assessments
  • Developing Advanced Proficiency

If you are interested in joining any of the Communities of Practice (or proposing other themes), please indicate your interest here. Have any questions about the Communities of Practice? Email Caroline Vang at cevang@umn.edu.

The PACE Project is funded by a grant from The Language Flagship.

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