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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Interested in Telecollaborating Next Semester?

Attention, language teachers: do you want your students to have virtual language partners who are native speakers of the languages they're learning? Would you like them to learn from their partners while negotiating language meaning in both their first and second languages? Would you like them to have an unforgettable and fun language experience in your class? If so, consider trying a Tandem exchange next semester. Whether you call it telecollaborating, a class-to-class exchange, teletandem, or something else, the concept is the same: domestic language students get paired with university students in a different country who are native speakers of the target language (for instance, students in a French class at the U of M would be paired with students in an English class in France), and the students converse in their first and second languages to learn more about their partner's language and culture. TandemPlus can find a complementary language class for your students at a partner university in another country, arrange the partnership, provide support for you, and even provide activities. If you'd like more information, e-mail us at tandem@umn.edu.

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