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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make sure your Fall 2011 course films are digitized

The easiest way to assign students to watch films in your classes is to have them digitized through the Digital Content Library (DCL). If you have not already verified that the films you will use this Fall have been digitized, now is a great time to check.

You can look search for films at the DCL website: http://dcl.umn.edu/. You can also search the Language Center database: https://filemaker.cla.umn.edu/LangCtr/findrecords.php. Any films in our collection that have already been digitized will have a direct link to the DCL.

We strongly recommend that any films available only in a foreign standard VHS tape be digitized (e.g. PAL, Secam), as there are few multistandard VCRs left on campus.

You can send requests for digitization to elsie@umn.edu. Please make sure to indicate when the film is needed for your class. The DCL requests as much lead time as possible to complete their work.

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